German Aviator

In German Aviator, players have the opportunity to increase their earnings by adjusting their bets according to changing odds that can reach up to x100.
Once the bet is placed and the Aviator slot starts running, players observe the plane's takeoff on screen as a multiplier calculates potential winnings based on their bet.
The player's goal is to withdraw funds with optimal probability before the plane takes off visually. Failure to do so results in forfeiting the bet amount to online casino proceeds if it explodes prior withdrawal.

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How to Play?

Playing the game German Aviator is quite simple. The gameplay starts with a plane taking off and the multiplier, which indicates potential winnings, begins to go up. You place your bet and keep an eye on the increasing multiplier - you aim to cash out before the plane crashes.

As long as the plane remains airborne, the multiplier keeps rising, but so does the risk of crashing. If you successfully cash out before a crash occurs, your initial stake gets multiplied by that specific cash-out value. However, if you fail to do so before a crash happens, you lose your bet.

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